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The SmartServer™ IoT is an extensible, and open multi-protocol IoT gateway for industrial, building automation, energy management, commercial and lighting applications. It provides out-of-the-box access to industrial devices using field protocols including LON®, BACnet and Modbus. The SmartServer IoT provides management, monitoring and control services of smart devices, enabling the intelligent use of data. It may be used as a standalone server or integrated with another control system and is capable of both local and remote control. Built-in drivers provide connectivity for industry-standard protocols and custom driver support extends its flexibility.

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The following table lists the SmartServer IoT models and descriptions.

Model #           

Product Name                                          

Product Description                                   


SmartServer IoT Pro

IoT platform with USB expansion


SmartServer IoT Pro EX

IoT platform with USB and RS-485 expansion

The following table lists activation key products that can be used to expand the capability of the SmartServer IoT products.

Model #           

Product Name                                          

Product Description                                    


SmartServer Trial License

5-device trial key

72220-10SmartServer D10 License10-device capacity key
72220-50SmartServer D50 License50-device capacity key
72220-200SmartServer D200 License200-device capacity key
72220-1000SmartServer D1000 License1000-device capacity key
92201R-P-10SmartServer D10 Premium Pass3-year software maintenance and support
92201R-P-50SmartServer D50 Premium Pass3-year software maintenance and support
92201R-P-200SmartServer D200 Premium Pass3-year software maintenance and support
92201R-P-1000SmartServer D1000 Premium Pass3-year software maintenance and support



There is also a video on the SmartServer Training Videos page that provides a Hardware Overview for the SmartServer IoT.