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The EnOcean IP-852 Configuration Server is a free software utility for Windows that stores and distributes the configuration of an IP-852 channel to all the IP-852 routers and devices on the channel. You can install the EnOcean IP-852 Configuration Server on any computer with IP connectivity to the IP-852 devices to be configured.  You can use the EnOcean IP-852 Configuration Server can be used with the SmartServer IoT, IzoT Net Server, and IzoT CT from EnOcean and you can use it with third-party IP-852 compliant routers and devices available from multiple manufacturers.  You can also use the EnOcean IP-852 Configuration Server with the legacy SmartServer 2, i.LON 600, and i.LON 100 IP-852 routers.


For product documentation and more information on a few of the compatible EnOcean products, see the SmartServer IoT product page, the the IzoT Net Server product page, and the and the IzoT CT product page. 

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