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LON is supported for SmartServer Pi 4.3 and higher, with the exception of LON PL.

For SmartServer 3.3 and prior releases, see (Optional) Switch From LON Management (Release 3.3 and Prior)


  1. If you defined any LON device interfaces or LON devices prior to switching from LON management mode, delete the interface and device definitions as described in Provisioning, Deprovisioning, and Replacing Devices or delete all definitions as described in Resetting the SmartServer IoT to Factory Defaults.

  2. Open the Devices widget.

  3. Click the SEGMENT CONTROLLERS tab.

  4. Click the Action button () and select the Switch to LON Device Management Mode or Switch to LON Independent Management Mode action as appropriate for your system.

    The CMS dashboard displays the LON management mode as well as a message indicating that the LON mode change occurred.