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LON is supported for SmartServer Pi 4.3 and higher, with the exception of LON PL.


  1. Open the SmartServer Configuration page as described in Accessing the SmartServer IoT Configuration PageThe Network tab appears as the default SmartServer Configuration page. Once the network settings are configured for the SmartServer system, then the System tab will appear as the default.

    SmartServer IoT Network tab

    SmartServer IoT System tab

    For SmartServer Pi, open the SmartServer Configuration page as described in Accessing the SmartServer Pi Configuration Page. The Configuration page view that appears depends on your cache data. As needed, click the SmartServer IoT tab (left-side). The System tab (top) will appear as the default as shown below.

    SmartServer Pi System tab

  2. Click the LON tab.

    SmartServer IoT and SmartServer Pi LON Configuration pages are shown below. The examples that follow are shown using SmartServer IoT.

    SmartServer IoT LON tab

    SmartServer IoT Pi LON tab

  3. Enable the IP-852 Router Configuration → eth0 option and click Update.

    SmartServer IoT LON tab

  4. Enable the IP-852 feature as described above for each SmartServer in the system.


Configuring IP-852 CRC Support

The ability to enable or disable IP-852 CRC support is available with SmartServer 3.1 Update 3 and higher.

SmartServer releases prior to 3.1 Update 3 require IP-852 CRC support. SmartServer release 3.1 Update 3 and higher provides the Enforce CRC validation option to support edge servers that do not implement IP-852 cyclical redundancy checks (CRC). By default, the IP-852 CRC validation option is disabled.