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The key parts and buttons of the SmartServer CMS main page are highlighted in the figure below and described in the table that follows.


ReferenceDescriptionNotes and Reference
aCompany logoDisplays the company logo. See Managing Customer Accounts for information about editing the logo.
bSoftware versionDisplays the software version. See Release Notes for more information about this release.
cDevice Management Mode (DMM) or Independent Management Mode (IMM)Displays the LON management mode (DMM or IMM). If you are only using BACnet or Modbus you can ignore this setting. See Switching Off LON Management for more information.


Collapses/expands the widget menu bar.

SmartServer app bar

Dashboard name (default or custom)

Displays the dashboard name in the SmartServer app bar. See Customize Your CMS Dashboard /wiki/spaces/TEMP/pages/44631776 for more information about creating, renaming, and removing dashboards.

SmartServer app bar


Import/Export button

(available with SmartServer IoT 3.5 and higher)

Creates a zip file of the SmartServer configuration (including the device list, as well as device type, DLA, connection, etc. files), which can be deployed to one or more SmartServers. It is also used to import one or more of these SmartServer configuration zip files.

Prior to SmartServer 3.5, importing and exporting SmartServer IoT configuration files is available with the Settings button ().  


SmartServer app bar


Notifications button

(available with SmartServer IoT 3.2 Update 2 and higher)

Turns user notifications on/off. See Setting Notifications in the Customize Your CMS Dashboard/wiki/spaces/TEMP/pages/44631776 section for more information.

SmartServer app bar

Help button

Accesses help. See Using this Documentation for more information. 


SmartServer app bar


Edit button 

(available with SmartServer IoT 3.6 and higher) 

Enables editing the dashboard. See Customize Your CMS Dashboard /wiki/spaces/TEMP/pages/44631776.

For SmartServer 2.7 Update 1 through 3.5, the Settings button () enables you to edit the dashboard, as well as to import or export SmartServer IoT configuration files. With SmartServer 3.5 and higher, importing and exporting SmartServer IoT configuration files is available with the Import/Export button ().  


SmartServer app bar





EPS displays events per second. Keep this number below 40 EPS for quad core SmartServers and below 20 EPS for dual core SmartServers. See Editing Datapoint Properties for more information. 

CPU displays CPU usage. See Managing the SmartServer SD Card for more information about system usage. 

Mem displays memory usage. 

Storage reflects percentage used internal storage (stored in /var/apollo)  / percentage used SD Card storage (stored in /media/sdcard).


SmartServer app bar

Date and time

Displays the system date and time. See Managing the SmartServer Date, Time, Location and Timezone.

SmartServer app bar


Language button

Displays the user interface language (English).
mNavigation drawerLists the widgets that appear on the CMS dashboard. See Customize Your CMS Dashboard /wiki/spaces/TEMP/pages/44631776 for more information about configuring dashboards.
nDevices widgetProvides tabs for Edge Devices and Segment Controllers. You can find additional information about devices in the following sections: Site Provisioning, Site Integration, and Site Maintenance.


Expand button

Close button

Expands/closes widgets.
pApollo OwnerSpecifies the user. See Defining Users for more information about configuring users.

Capacity license button

Opens the Manage Licenses dialog box and shows the capacity license, which refers to the number of devices that can be provisioned, managed, monitored, and controlled by the CMS. See Manage Licenses for more information. 

Maintenance license button

Opens the Manage Licenses dialog box and shows the maintenance status for priority support and installation of upgrades. Priority support is provided by the Customer Success team for users with active maintenance licenses. Upgrades are SmartServers software updates that require an active maintenance license. See Manage Licenses for more information. 
sUser alarm and warning informationDisplays user alarm and warning information. See Showing User Warning and Error Messages for more information. Click to display the alarm and warning information in the Users widget.

Logout button

Logs you out of the CMS. 
uWidget display areaSee SmartServer IoT CMS Widgets Index for a description and references to all of the CMS widgets and tasks. See also Customize Your CMS Dashboard /wiki/spaces/TEMP/pages/44631776 for more information about configuring widgets on the dashboard.