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SmartServer IoT Quick Start

This video will help you get connected to the SmartServer IoT. It explains both TCP/IP and serial console access to the device. It also covers basic configuration. Click here for Quick Start video.

SmartServer IoT Hardware Overview

This video describes the SmartServer IoT hardware to quickly begin using our next generation IoT platform. Click here for Hardware Overview video.

SmartServer IoT CMS User Experience Tour

This video describes the user experience for the SmartServer IoT CMS. It provides a foundation for understanding how to navigate the widget-based interface to manage multi-protocol IoT systems. Click here for the CMS User Experience Tour video.

SmartServer IoT License Activation

This video describes the SmartServer license activation process flow. Click here for the SmartServer IoT License Activation video.

SmartServer IoT CMS Device Types Widget

This video describes the operation and function of the Device Types widget in the SmartServer IoT.  The Device Types widget is used to import resources used to engineer systems to monitor, control, schedule, and alarm against datapoint values based on the Open IAP protocol standard supported by the SmartServer IoT. Click here for the CMS Device Types Widget video.

SmartServer IoT Configuration UI Tour

This video describes the tabs of the SmartServer IoT Configuration UI used to manage features and resources on the SmartServer IoT. Click here for the Configuration UI Tour video.

SmartServer IoT Starter Kit Quick Start


SmartServer IoT Starter Kit – LON Device Integration

This video describes how to integrate the LON devices included with the SmartServer IoT Starter Kit using a prepared device type package. Click here for the Starter Kit LON Device Management video.

SmartServer IoT Support Software Tools

This video describes the software tools that are used to support the SmartServer IoT Starter Kit and your SmartServer IoT projects. Click here for the Support Software Tools quick start video.

SmartServer IoT RNI Setup

This video describes how to enable the SmartServer IoT Lon RNI feature to create a network attachment point for PC-based software such as IzoT CT, Lon Scanner, IzoT Net Server, and NodeUtil through the Open LDV driver layer. Click here for SmartServer IoT RNI Setup video.

IzoT CT Workflow for SmartServer IoT

This video explains the standard workflow for using the SmartServer IoT in a control network being managed by IzoT CTClick here for SmartServer IoT Workflow video.

LON IP-852 Setup

This video shows you how to enable the LON IP-852 channel routing on your SmartServer IoT, how to manage it in the IP-852 Config Server application, and create a VNI RNI attachment point for software that uses the EnOcean Open LDV driver layer. Click here for the LON IP-852 Setup video.