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The Sequencing widget is available with SmartServer 2.8 and higher.


The examples in this tutorial are based on the SmartServer IoT Starter Kit and will demonstrate the use of the Sequencing widget. Please contact your EnOcean sales representative if you need access to a Starter Kit.   

Refer to the SmartServer IoT Starter Kit User's Guide for details on how to set up and use this kit. In addition, more information on how to implement the Starter Kit as a basis for the flows is covered in Class 2 - Contexts and IAP Nodes.

SmartServer Github Repository

The necessary configuration files and completed examples are found in the SmartServer GitHub repositoryyRepository.

The SmartServer GitHub repository contains the following:

  • Context file (Node-RED Tutorial folder)
  • Node-RED flows used for the exercises (Node-RED Tutorial folder)
  • EVB VAV application (LON Channel folder)

It is recommended that you create your own Node-RED flows for each exercise before using the provided Node-RED flows. Doing so will help you to learn the process for creating flows.