Enable Remote CMS for Each SmartServer (Release 4.1 and Prior)

Remote CMS is available with smartServer 3.5 Update 2 and higher.

For SmartServer 4.2 and higher, see Enable Remote CMS for Each SmartServer.

You can add new SmartServers to the network using the SmartServer System Configuration page. To add a SmartServer, you will need to enable the Remote CMS option and configure the Remote CMS IP address, ports, and credentials to use an external MQTT broker provided by Remote CMS.

To enable Remote CMS for each SmartServer in the system, perform the following steps:

  1. Install and start the Remote CMS as described in Set Up a Remote CMS Host Computer and  Install and Start the Remote CMS.

  2. Open the SmartServer Configuration page.  

    The Network Configuration page appears.

  3. Click the System tab at the top of the page.

    The System Configuration tab appears.

  4. Set the Remote CMS IP address or hostname for the SmartServer in the /etc/hosts file. To do so, use any editor to edit the /etc/hosts file by adding the following line:

    <Remote CMS IP address> root.cms

    For example, if the Remote CMS IP address is, then enter the following line in the /etc/hosts file: root.cms

    Example /etc/hosts file root.cms entry

  5. Click the Enable Remote CMS option.

    Once the Enable Remote CMS option is enabled, the Remote CMS area expands with additional settings.

    1. Accept the default setting (root.cms) for the IP Address or Hostname field.

    2. For SmartServer 3.5 Update 2 - 3.6, accept the default settings (8443 and 8883) for the HTTPS Port and Secure MQTT Port fields. For SmartServer 4.0, set the HTTPS Port to 443.

    3. Set the Remote CMS credentials in the Username and Password fields.

      The Remote CMS default username and password is apollo / apollo.

      Show Password

      To display the Remote CMS password, you first have to clear/delete the existing password and then enable the Show Password option. Next, enter the Remote CMS password in the Password field. You will be able to see the Remote CMS password that is entered.

    4. Click Update.

  6. Click the Features tab.

    The Features Configuration tab appears.

  7. Enable the MQTT ports (IAP/MQ) on the Features Configuration page.

    If your LAN port is used to communicate to the Remote CMS PC, then enable both ports (1883 and 8883) on eth0.

    If your WAN port is used to communicate to the Remote CMS PC, then enable both ports (1883 and 8883) on eth1.

    In this example, eth1 is used to communicate to the Remote CMS PC

  8. Click Update.

Perform these steps to enable Remote CMS for each SmartServer in the network. Once Remote CMS is enabled for each SmartServer in the network, you can connect to the Remote CMS. Go to Connect to the Remote CMS for more information.