General Information

This section consists of the following:

Model Numbers and Product Description

The following table lists the i.LON 700 model and description.

Model #           Product Name                                          Product Description             
72201R-140i.LON 700 Edge ServerMulti-channel router and remote network interface (RNI) for LON/IP (IP-70), IP-852, LON/FT, and LON/TP-1250

The following table lists 
expansion modules that you can add for LON routing and interfacing.

Model #           Product Name                                          Product Description             
75060R-30U60 TP-1250 DIN USB Network Expansion ModuleUSB to LON/TP-1250 network interface
75060R-40U60 FT DIN USB Network Expansion ModuleUSB to LON/FT network interface

Hardware Features

The hardware for the i.LON 700 has the following specifications:



800 MHz Dual Core ARM Cortex A9

Real-time Clock

Internal with 72 hour power fail date/time retention

Built-in Memory


8 GB eMMC flash memory

Wired Interfaces

Gigabit Ethernet: RJ-45 jack for LAN connectivity

USB host: 4 Type-A 2.0 ports for network expansion modules or external powered USB hub

USB console: 1 Micro-B console port

Input Voltage

10.5-30VDC or 12-30VAC, 50/60Hz

Temperature Range

-40°C to +70°C

Surge Protection

EN 61000-4-5:2006, +/- 4KV


DIN 43880 8TE (DIN rail)


100g or 1000m/s2


6g or 59m/s2

More Information and Technical Support

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