Updating using the SmartServer CMS (Release 3.3 and Prior)

You can update your SmartServer software using the SmartServer CMS. You can optionally clear your SmartServer databased prior to the update to prepare the SmartServer for a new installation.  To update your SmartServer software with the SmartServer CMS, follow these steps:

Note: This update method requires Internet access.

  1. Download the update loader to your computer. Links to the update loaders are available at SmartServer Release Notes.  The latest update loader is available at the following location: 


  2. Verify that your data log size is less than 4 GB using the Storage widget as described in Managing the SmartServer SD Card. If the data log exceeds 4 GB, reduce the data log size by reducing your data retention times as described in Defining Datapoint Properties. Wait for the SmartServer to reduce the data log size below 4 GB before continuing to the next step.

  3. To optionally monitor the progress of the update, connect to the SmartServer console as described in Connecting to the SmartServer Console and enter the top command at the console prompt.

  4. To optionally clear the SmartServer database prior to updating, follow the steps for Resetting to Defaults Using the Configuration Page (reseting the databases) in the Resetting the SmartServer IoT to Factory Defaults section. Allow 10 minutes to initialize the SmartServer IoT.

  5. Start the SmartServer CMS as described in Open the SmartServer IoT CMS.

  6. Open the Devices widget, which lists the devices, including the SmartServer IoT.

  7. Click the Action button () to the right of the SmartServer IoT device to open the action menu.

  8. Select the Load Image action to display the area where you can drop a new image file. 

  9. Drag the file you downloaded in step 1 to the DROP NEW IMAGE FILE HERE area. 

    The image appears in the widget, with a Save button () and Cancel button ().

  10. Click the Save button () to save the SmartServer image file.

  11. Click the Load button () to the right of the SmartServer image to be loaded. The CMS downloads and installs the update image. If you started a console and entered the top command in step 2, you will see the following processes as the download and update installation progresses:

    • wget – displayed while the CMS downloads the update image
    • echloader – displayed while the CMS loads the update image
    • unzip – displayed while the CMS extracts the contents of the update image
    • mender – displayed after about 7 minutes while the CMS installs the update image

  12. After approximately 30 minutes the CMS displays "The system is going down for reboot...".  Wait an additional 5 minutes to allow the software update to complete and then start the CMS as described in Open the SmartServer IoT CMS.

    Ready LED

    With SmartServer release 3.2 and higher, you can monitor the SmartServer Ready LED for system status. 

  13. Clear your browser cached data after the SmartServer is upgraded or re-imaged. For information on how to clear cached data, refer to the links below: