Creating Custom Drivers (Release 3.3 and Prior)

For SmartServer 3.4 and higher releases, see Creating Custom Drivers

The IAP Driver Library (IDL) allows you to create a custom IDL driver to provide support for additional protocols not built into the standard SmartServer IoT software image. Creating a custom IDL driver requires you to be familiar with the IDL API Fundamentals, the IDL API, and C++ programming compiled using the GNU C++ compiler (g++). 

This section contains working code samples that provide an overview of the basic software architecture of an IDL driver and include example implementations of several of the common driver functions.  Comments in the code samples illustrate areas where protocol-specific code can be included, and the example itself outputs information to the console when the callback functions are triggered to help you understand the parameters passed between the IAP Driver Library (IDL) and a custom driver implementation (IDI).  The complete set of files for this example driver can be downloaded from EnOcean’s GitHub Repository here.

This section consists of the following: