Connect the i.LON 700 Ethernet Interface

To provide IP connectivity to the i.LON 700, you must connect it to an Ethernet switch or hub that can communicate with your client IP devices and services.

To connect to an Ethernet switch or hub, use LAN (ETH0) RJ-45 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet interface on the i.LON 700 shown in the following figure.

Note: The WAN ETH1 interface is reserved for future use and must be left disconnected.

You can connect the LAN port on the i.LON 700 to an Ethernet switch or hub using a Category 5, 5e, or Category 6 Ethernet cable with RJ-45 male connectors on both ends. The i.LON 700 will automatically adjust to the speed of the data port and illuminate the LAN LED indicator on the front panel indicating that a LAN connection has been made. 

You can use a straight-through or crossover Ethernet cable. The i.LON 700 automatically detects and adapts to the Ethernet cable polarity.

Once you attach to a network, you can configure the i.LON 700 with its built-in configuration Web pages.

The i.LON 700 can use the network connection to communicate with LON and IP-852-enabled devices. The i.LON 700 can also use the network connection to provide LON remote network interface (RNI) for a remote IzoT Net Server, LonScanner Protocol Analyzer, or other LON RNI compatible tools and applications.