U70 LON PL-20 USB Network Interface Module

The U70 PL-20 provides a USB to LON PL-20 network interface for the SmartServer IoT and other edge servers. It is a compact DIN rail compatible companion module to EnOcean's SmartServer IoT and other edge servers for communicating with LON PL devices.

The U70 PL-20 features a one to three-phase 100 – 277 VAC power line coupler for direct attachment to a LON power line (PL) channel. It also features a 24VDC power supply for powering a SmartServer IoT or other edge server from the attached power mains.

You can add a maximum of one U70 PL-20 interface.  If you add an U70 interface, you cannot add any U60 interfaces.


The following table lists the U70 model and description.

Model #           

Product Name                                          

Product Description                                   


U70 PL-20 USB Network Interface Expansion Module

USB interface to LON/IP PL-20 and LON PL-20 power line carrier networks.

This section describes the U70 PL-20 firmware and hardware and contains the following topics: