System Integration Using Geozones, Zones, Floor Plans, and Locations

Prior to SmartServer release 2.8, system integration was managed using Geozones, Zones, Floor Plans, and Maps widgets. With SmartServer release 2.8 and higher, the /wiki/spaces/TEMP/pages/1479424 is used for these operations by creating a context, which is a digital representation of a real world region, area, or space. With SmartServer release 3.4 and higher, the Map widget is called the Locations widget.

You can create a geozone using the Planning widget by /wiki/spaces/TEMP/pages/1479424.  You can create a zone by /wiki/spaces/TEMP/pages/1479424 and uploading floor plans. You can view maps in the Locations widget and you can view a location on a map by /wiki/spaces/TEMP/pages/1479424 on the Locations widget. See /wiki/spaces/TEMP/pages/1479424 for more information.