Using SmartServer Aliases

You can use command short-cuts, called SmartServer aliases, to type shorter commands in lieu of longer commands. SmartServer aliases are defined in the smartserver-aliases file, which is stored in the /etc/smartserver directory. These command short-cuts can only be used for interactive sessions and are not accessible in scripts. 

Below is an example of the smartserver-aliases file. This file is subject to change. 

SmartServer aliases define the short-cut command that can be entered instead of the longer command that is executed.

For example, as shown in the figure above:

alias ssctl='sudo smartserverctl'

With this alias, you can enter ssctl instead of the longer command sudo smartserverctl.

If you make changes to the smartserver-aliases file, then you need to start a new session for the changes to take affect. SmartServer Pi upgrades will overwrite changes that are made to the file. 

Existing commands should not be redefined as a SmartServer alias.