SmartServer User's Guide

This section describes how to use the SmartServer for planning, provisioning, integrating, operating, maintaining, and diagnosing a site containing industrial IoT devices.  See SmartServer IoT Getting Started / SmartServer Pi Getting Started for an introduction to key concepts for the SmartServer, and for instructions on how to initially set up a SmartServer (such as configuring the IP address and verifying the timezone and location), as well as how to manage licenses.  

For step-by-step videos on using the SmartServer IoT, see SmartServer Training Videos.  For a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the SmartServer's integrated Node-RED tool, see SmartServer IoT Node-RED Tutorial

The following topics describe how to use the SmartServer once you have it set up.

Site Planning

Site Provisioning

Site Integration

Site Operation

Site Maintenance

Site Diagnostics

SmartServer Troubleshooting