Troubleshooting Issues with Connections


For SmartServer 3.0-3.2, see Defining Datapoint Connections (Release 3.0-3.2)

For SmartServer 2.9 or prior, see Defining Datapoint Connections (Release 2.9) 

This section describes how to troubleshoot connection failures.

If connections fail to work, then follow the troubleshooting steps below.

  1. Wait one to five minutes for connections to be deploy or removed. 
    1. The CMS Connections widget Status column indicates that the SmartServer has started processing the deploy/remove process (when it says deployed or draft), but does not indicate the completion of background operations when deploying or removing connections.

  2. If you modify a connection template, you may need to remove the existing connections using the Deployed Connections tab, and deploy the new settings using the Connection Templates tab.

  3. If you are using only LON devices for a connection in DMM with scalar datapoints, then you need to make sure that only point-to-point connections are used. If you are using scalar datapoints that have similar datapoint types, then you must specify at least one of the following: Map, Transform, Presets, or Localization. 

    One way to make a connection to point-to-point is to use the formula shown below in the connection template Map parameter, if you are not using Map, Transform, Presets, or Localization for another purpose. 

  4. If you do not see changes that you made to the CMS Connections widget, then click the Refresh button () to see the updates.