Configuring the IzoT Server

You can use the IzoT Server to discover and monitor LonTalk/IP and LON devices, and to support custom Web pages that you develop to interact with your devices. The IzoT Server can discover devices on the LAN or LON channels using the ISI protocol. If you are using the IzoT Router with an IzoT Net Server or LNS Server, you can manually add devices to the IzoT Server. The IzoT Server works with LonTalk/IP devices on Ethernet, Wi-Fi, FT, or RS-485 (with a U60 DIN RS-485 Network Interface) channels. The IzoT Server also works with classic LON devices on an FT or RS-485 channel.

The IzoT Server automatically adds devices that have ISI enabled and that are installed on a channel attached to the IzoT Router. You can manually add a device to the IzoT Server by pressing the Service button on the device, or by manually adding the device information to the IzoT Server device.xml files.

  1. Verify that you have a device class file for all the device types you will be using as described in Mapping IzoT Device Datapoints to IzoT Server Datapoints.

  2. Configure the network domain for the IzoT Server as described in Configuring the IzoT Network Server.

  3. Open the IzoT Router Configuration Web page as described in Configuring the IzoT Router.

  4. If the IzoT Server is not already enabled, enable it as described in Enabling and Disabling IzoT Router Services. The IzoT Server is not enabled by default.

  5. Click Server at the top of the page. The following page appears:

  6. Enter the IzoT Server username and password in Username and Password on the top right of the page, and then click Log In. The default IzoT Server username is izot and the default password is izot.

  7. To use the Device Browser, Test Page, or other example Web pages, click the green Example Dashboard (Local) button. See Web Pages for more information on these Web pages.