Getting a List of Datapoints

You can get a list of datapoints on a device or set of devices managed by the IzoT Server with an IzoT REST datapoints resource. You can get all datapoints, datapoints meeting specific search criteria, datapoints on a device, datapoints on a device meeting specific search criteria, datapoints on a device where a particular field contains a specified value, or a single datapoint.

For each datapoint, the IzoT Server returns the following properties:

idUnique identifier for the datapoint
urlDatapoint address
nameDatapoint name
valueCurrent value of the datapoint
notesDatapoint comment
deviceParent device that contains the datapoint
timestampUTC time when the value was last written (updated)

Optional query parameters are as follows:

ref_type = (url | id)By default, the url field is an address, but if you change the ref_type, the url field will contain a unique primary key.
search = {search_text}Search across several text-related fields for a partial case-insensitive match. Multiple searches may be specified.
{field_name} = {field_value}Search the specified field name for an exact case-sensitive match with {field_value}. Multiple matches may be specified.


Get all datapoints for device 2:


Get all datapoints for all devices on the network:


Get datapoint 3:


Get all datapoints that currently have the value equal to off: