Updating the IzoT Router Software

You can update the IzoT Router software to the latest software release. You can update just the router software, preserving any configuration changes you have made. Alternatively, if you are using version 1.02.27 or newer, you can reflash a complete router software image to restore an IzoT Router to the factory configuration, or to replace the IzoT Router software image with a newer release. To update the router software while preserving your existing configuration and data, you transfer the update image to your IzoT Router and use an SSH console interface to install the update. To reflash the complete router software image and restore your IzoT Router to the factory configuration, you copy the complete bootable image to a USB flash drive, install the flash drive in an IzoT Router, and restart the router to copy the bootable image to the eMMC flash memory on the IzoT Router.

See What's New for a description of the new features in IzoT Router 2. To get the links to the IzoT Router 2 software contact EnOcean Support at edge.support@enocean.com.

To reflash the complete router software image and restore your IzoT Router to the factory configuration, see Restoring the IzoT Router Software.

To update the IzoT Router software, preserving any configuration changes you have made, follow these steps (substitute the version number from you IzoT Router software update for {ver}, for example, the version number will be something like 2.00.28):

  1. Make a backup of any custom files that you created on the IzoT Router (e.g., Web pages, IzoT Device Apps, Server settings).

  2. Check the free space on the IzoT Router internal flash drive by entering the following command at the Linux console: df

  3. If you have less than 150MB of free space on your flash drive, you must delete files until you have at least 150MB of free space. You can enter the following command to find all files over 5MB. Look for any large log files that you can delete.

    sudo find / -type f -size +5M -exec ls -lh {} \;
  4. Download the IzoT Router software (e.g., izot-sdk- {ver}-re.tar.gz)to your computer using the download link provided by EnOcean technical support staff.

  5. Use an SFTP client to copy the IzoT Router update image to the /tmp directory on your IzoT Router. The default login information is in Configuring the IzoT Router.

  6. Use an SSH client on your computer to open an SSH console session for your IzoT Router.

  7. Record the current version number of the IzoT SDK on your IzoT Router. You will need this for a later step. To determine the version of the IzoT SDK on you IzoT Router, enter the following commands:

    cat $IZOT/izot/version.py
  8. Change to the /tmp directory:

    cd /tmp
  9. Unpack the software:

    tar -xf izot-sdk-{ver}-re.tar.gz
  10. Install the software:

  11. Once the software is installed successfully, you can remove the zipped download and unpacked files:

    rm -rf izot-sdk-{ver}-re 
    rm izot-sdk-{ver}-re.tar.gz
  12. If the version number you recorded in step 5 is lower than 1.02.27, enter the following commands to enable booting from the USB flash drive:

    tar -xf $IZOT/etc/izot-tools-bbb.tar.gz boot
    sudo boot/update-boot