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Prior to SmartServer release 2.8, system integration was managed using Geozones, Zones, Floor Plans, and Maps widgets. With SmartServer release 2.8 and higher, the /wiki/spaces/TEMP/pages/438158381479424 is used for these operations by creating a context, which is a digital representation of a real world region, area, or space. With SmartServer release 3.4 and higher, the Map widget is called the Locations widget.

You can create a geozone using the Planning widget by /wiki/spaces/TEMP/pages/438158381479424.  You can create a zone by /wiki/spaces/TEMP/pages/438158381479424 and uploading floor plans. You can view maps in the Locations widget and you can view a location on a map by /wiki/spaces/TEMP/pages/438158381479424 on the Locations widget. See /wiki/spaces/TEMP/pages/438158381479424 for more information.