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SmartServer Pi is available with SmartServer 4.2 and higher.

With SmartServer Pi, you can create a SmartServer on a Raspberry Pi 4 or Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4) hardware. SmartServer Pi is a collection of software containers that you can run on ARM Linux platforms that are compatible with a Raspberry Pi 4, including any platform with a Raspberry Pi CM4 and Raspberry Pi OS. SmartServer Pi is compatible with Raspberry Pi Debian version 12 (bookworm). Platform requirements and installation instructions are provided in the section Install SmartServer Pi

You can set the processes running in the SmartServer Pi containers to share the same network as the rest of your Pi, but isolate the SmartServer containers in the process name space. With this setup, each process has the impression that it is the only process running on the system.

For SmartServer Pi, the basic SmartServer functionality is provided by the SmartServer Core license. The Core license supports BACnet, EnOcean, LON, LoRaWAN, and Modbus TCP and RTU device interfaces, device discovery, device import, and device creation; LON is not supported. This license does not expire. See Manage Licenses for more information. For SmartServer Pi 4.2, LON is not supported. For SmartServer Pi 4.3 and higher, LON PL is not supported.

This section describes how to get started with SmartServer Pi and consists of the following:

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Once you have completed the steps in SmartServer Pi Getting Started, continue with SmartServer Getting Started.