Relay Output (Release 3.3 and Prior)

For SmartServer 3.4 and higher, see Relay Output.

You can control the state of the two IOX relay outputs. You can control a relay output state by creating a connection to another datapoint with a connection file, by updating the datapoint from a Sequencing widget data flow or web flow, or by writing to the relay output block using the CMS Datapoint Browser. 

To control the state of a relay output with the CMS Datapoint Browser, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Datapoint Browser.

    Note: To best view all of the information on this widget, click the Expand button (  ). 

  2. Set the filters to find and select the IOX digital output block:
    1. Device: iox[1-n] – the first installed IOX will be iox1, the second will be iox2, etc.
    2. Block Name: relay
    3. Block Index: 1 – 2 for relay output (DO) 1 or 2

To set the relay state using the CMS Datapoint Browser, set the relay-val datapoint level value to true or false.

To close the relay, set the level value to true

To open the relay, set the level value to false.