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For SmartServer Pi, see Open the SmartServer Pi CMS.

For SmartServer 4.1 and prior, see Open the SmartServer CMS (Release 4.1 and Prior).


  1. Make sure your client can communicate with the SmartServer as described in Connecting through a LAN.

  2. Open a web browser (supported browsers are current versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge) and enter one of the following addresses to open the SmartServer CMS (prior to SmartServer 2.8 you had to specify port 8443; this is no longer required starting with SmartServer 2.8):

    where SmartServer_IPaddress is the IP address of your SmartServer

    where nnnnnn is the SmartServer's install code. See Connecting through a LAN.

    If you re-imaged the SmartServer and enhanced security is enabled on your system, and your password does not meet the requirements, then you will be prompted to reset your password. The following message appears prompting you to change your password:


    Open the CMS from the SmartServer Configuration page by clicking the CMS tab as shown in the following figurebelow.
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    The CMS opens in the browser allowing you to log in. 

    To avoid having browsers display a security warning when users access the CMS webpage or the SmartServer webpage, you can set up port forwarding for the SmartServer IoT and switch from using self-signed certificates. Another option to accomplish the same thing is to set up a CNAME record.

  3. Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields. The default username is apollo and the default password is printed on the label on the bottom of the SmartServer. If you changed either the username or password, use the username and password you selected. Use the defaults if you did not change them. The default administrator username is admin; the admin password is the same as the apollo user password.

  4. Click Login.

  5. If you are logging in to the SmartServer CMS for the first time, read the end-user licensing agreement and accept it if you agree.

  6. If your login credentials are verified, then the SmartServer CMS main page appears similar to the image shown below. For a description of the key parts of the SmartServer CMS main page, go to SmartServer CMS Overview.

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    To customize your working environment, refer to the Customize Your CMS Dashboard section. 

    To log out of the SmartServer CMS, click the LOGOUT button () located at the bottom left of the page.

    For Owner user types running SmartServer 3.3 or higher, the CMS will verify the capacity license and automatically open the Manage Licenses dialog if the device capacity for any segment is zero, or is less than the available device capacity for the segment. You can close the Manage Licenses dialog without adding a license.

    The CMS will also verify that the currently running image is properly licensed. If it is not, the CMS will first change the device capacity to zero (the device capacity will remain at zero if you add more device capacity), then display the error message "This image requires an active maintenance license for installation. Add a new maintenance license to extend the maintenance period for this SmartServer.", and finally open the Manage Licenses dialog allowing you to view the configured licenses and add a new maintenance license.

    See Manage Licenses for more information.