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License Management is available with SmartServer 3.3 and higher.


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What features are you licensing with the


SmartServer licensing feature?

As of With SmartServer 3.3 +and higher, the SmartServer may need device capacity and maintenance licenses depending on your application. Device capacity is required for provisioning devices in the SmartServer. Maintenance is required for upgrading SmartServer software. If you are using SmartServer 3.2 or prior releases, then you don't do not need a device capacity or maintenance licenseslicense.

Maintenance Licenses licenses are sold based on device count with a 1-year or 3-year term. The number of devices for all current Maintenance maintenance licenses must meet or exceed the number of devices for all device capacity licenses on the SmartServer. 

For SmartServer Pi, a core license is required for SmartServer functionality.

When do I not need a SmartServer license?


When you purchase a Remote CMS license, Customer Success will transfer the license to a partner/customer account and complete the activation process. See Step 5 - Manage Licenses for Remote CMS for more information as well as a description of available Remote CMS licenses.


The License Partner Portal URL is:

The License Partner Portal is used by partners (EnOcean's customers) to manage customer/project accounts and purchased licenses, and to transfer licenses to customers. EnOcean's Customer Success team provides partners with the License Partner Portal login credentials after they have purchased a license. 

What is the URL for the License Customer Portal?


The License Customer Portal is used for offline license activation for device capacity licenses. Offline activation is only available through the License Customer Portal. You will need a License ID or email address in order to log into the License Customer Portal. License IDs are generated and maintained in the License Partner Portal and provided by partners. Customers who have an email contact that has been added by a partner can also use their email address to log into the License Customer Portal.

I am a EnOcean partner – how do I manage my purchased licenses?

An EnOcean partner license administrator can log in to the License Partner Portal and transfer a purchased license to a customer account. Please contact for License Partner Portal access credentials.

I am an EnOcean partner – how do I locate the Customer IDs of my customers so I can activate licenses at the SmartServer CMS?

An EnOcean partner license administrator can login into the License Partner Portal and locate the Customer IDs. A partner license administrator can also contact the EnOcean Customer Success team for this information.


I need to request a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) – how do I transfer/recover my activated licenses from my original SmartServer?

If you are unable to login to the CMS and transfer the activated licenses to the cloud, please contact our EnOcean Customer Success team and provide the SmartServer install code. An EnOcean license administrator will be able to process the license transfer.