LNS DDE Server


The LNS DDE Server is a software package that allows any DDE or SuiteLink-compatible Microsoft Windows application to monitor and control LON devices—without programming. Typical applications for the LNS DDE Server include interfaces with HMI applications, data logging and trending applications, and graphical process displays.

The LNS DDE Server will operate for a maximum of one hour at a time until you purchase an LNS DDE Server Application Key. 

The LNS DDE Server is supported on the following versions of Microsoft Windows:  Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server 2016. 

NOTE: If you do not already have an LNS DDE Server serial number, you can install this software with the following serial number:  0635E64-45018

For product documentation and more information, see the LNS DDE Server product page. See also the LNS DDE Server User’s Guide.

Software Downloads

Current Release

LNS DDE Server Starter Utility

The LNS DDE Starter Utility enables the controlled startup of a large set of EnOcean LNS DDE Server monitor points, eliminating many of the errors and retries that can occur when many points are activated at once. You can use this utility to improve the start-up performance when starting many LNS DDE Server data points with Wonderware's InTouch WindowViewer application or other HMI applications. Systems that use large numbers of bound monitor points (over 500), that do not provide regular heart beats to refresh data values will benefit from this utility.  The LNS DDE Server Starter Utility is not supported by EnOcean.

Current Release (Last Update: May 2007)