LNS Server


LNS Server is a legacy application that has been replaced by IzoT Net Server.

LNS Server is a software platform for creating open control systems. The platform supports multiple applications and service providers, and supplies the essential network services required for installing, operating, and maintaining LON based control systems.  IzoT Net Server adds support for native IP-70 (LON/IP) devices and interfaces in addition to classic LON devices and interfaces supported by the LNS Server. IzoT Net Server is compatible with LNS Server and eliminates the need for per-device fees (credits) required by the LNS Server.  IzoT Net Server also adds compatibility with 64-bit Windows 10 and support for LON/IP devices on IP-70 channels.  LNS Server is not compatible with 64-bit Windows 10 and does not support LON/IP devices.

LNS Server and Redistribution Kit service packs can only be installed over existing installations of the LNS Server or Redistribution Kit software.

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