LonMaker is the original standard design, commissioning, and network maintenance software for LON networks.  Install and commission a community of devices by simply drawing your network with the integrated Microsoft Visio tool. As you draw your network, LonMaker communicates with your devices and automatically configures them to match your drawing. To make two devices communicate, you draw a line between them. The result is a network drawing that serves as the as-built documentation for your network.

LonMaker is a legacy application that has been replaced by the IzoT Commissioning Tool (CT).  IzoT CT adds support for native IP-70 (LON/IP) devices and interfaces in addition to classic LON devices and interfaces supported by LonMaker.  IzoT CT is compatible with LonMaker and eliminates the need for per-device fees (credits) required by LonMaker.  IzoT CT also adds compatibility with 64-bit Windows 10, support for new versions of Microsoft Visio, and support for LON/IP devices on IP-70 channels.  LonMaker is not compatible with 64-bit Windows 10 or new versions of Microsoft Visio and does not support LON/IP devices.

LonMaker service packs can only be installed over existing installations of the LonMaker software.

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