SmartServer IoT Configuration Page Index (Release 4.1 and Prior)

For SmartServer 4.2 and higher, see SmartServer IoT Configuration Page Index.

The table below provides an index to the tabs for the SmartServer Configuration pages and provides links for the tasks that you can perform from the Configuration pages. 

See also

Configuration Page Tour video that describes the tabs of the Configuration pages for the SmartServer IoT. 

SmartServer CMS Overview for more information about the key parts and buttons that appear on the SmartServer CMS. 

SmartServer CMS Widgets Index for a description of the CMS widgets and links for tasks that are associated with these widgets.

Configuration PageTasks                                                                                                                            Configuration Page  Preview


(Optional) Secure Your SmartServer for configuring System Configuration page settings

(Optional) Switch From LON Management for switching the LON Network Management Mode

(Optional) Secure Your SmartServer, Managing Passwords → Changing the System Password for changing both the apollo system and CMS apollo user passwords

(Optional) Secure Your SmartServerManaging Passwords → Changing User Passwords for changing only the CMS apollo user password

Reboot Your SmartServer

Reset the SmartServer to Factory Defaults

Update the SmartServer Software

(Optional) Secure Your SmartServerManaging Passwords → Restoring the Factory System Password with the Connect Button for enabling/disabling password reset using the Connect button

Enhance Security for enabling/disabling enhanced security features

Enhance Security for signed certificates

Enhance Security for enabling 802.1x mutual authentication for eth0 or eth1

SmartServer IoT Getting Started for Remote CMS (Beta) configuration

Download Logs from the SmartServer
The ability to download logs using the Logs button is available with SmartServer 4.0 and higher.

Configuring HTTP Proxy 
HTTP proxy settings are available with SmartServer 4.0 and higher.


Configure Your SmartServer

Reboot Your SmartServer


(Optional) Add a LON Interface


Add a BACnet Interface

OPC UA(Optional) Set up the OPC UA Server


(Optional) Remotely Accessing the IAP/MQ Server


(Optional) Add a Modbus RTU Interface


Open the SmartServer IoT CMS

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