Step 3 - (Optional) Secure Your SmartServer

This section describes optional measures that you can take to secure your SmartServer. For example, you can optionally enhance the security of your SmartServer using the built-in signed security certificate, or by providing your own custom signed security certificate. You can also manage user access by changing, recovering, and reseting passwords. Furthermore, you can optionally disable eth0 and eth1 interface ports 1883 and 8883 using the SmartServer Configuration Features page. 

For some organizations, like the General Services Administration (GSA), that require a warning banner with specific, approved language at IT access points to the SmartServer IoT, you can customize the SmartServer home page, as well as the SmartServer CMS login window, to display this warning banner.

There is also a video on the SmartServer Training Videos page that describes the tabs of the Configuration UI for the SmartServer IoT.  Click here for the Configuration UI Tour video.

This section consists of the following: