Step 6 - (Optional) Add BACnet or LON Routers

LON is supported for SmartServer Pi 4.3 and higher, with the exception of LON PL.

You can use the SmartServer BACnet Router to interact with BACnet FT devices using a BACnet workstation and other BACnet client applications on one of the Ethernet channels.  You can also use the SmartServer IoT as a replacement for the i.LON 600 and i.LON 700 IP-852 routers as well as LNS routers.  The SmartServer IoT includes an IP-852 router, and is compatible with the i.LON 600 and i.LON 700 routers, as well as other IP-852 compliant routers. This section describe how to replace an i.LON 600 or i.LON 700 router and consists of the following topics: