Step 2 - Connect to the Remote CMS

Remote CMS is available with smartServer 3.5 update 2 and higher.

You can connect your SmartServer to a Remote CMS to create a system with multiple SmartServers using a single Remote CMS. The Remote CMS and all SmartServers using it must be the same release number.

To connect to a Remote CMS, follow these steps:

  1. Install and start the Remote CMS as described in Set up the Remote CMS Host Computer and  Install and Start the Remote CMS.

  2. Enable the Remote CMS on each SmartServer that you plan to use with the Remote CMS as described in Enable the Remote CMS for a SmartServer

  3. Open a web browser and connect to the Remote CMS by entering the Remote CMS IP address in the URL as shown below: 

    https://<Remote CMS IP address>:443/cms

    For SmartServer 4.0 and higher, the port is 443 and is not required for the URL. For releases prior to SmartServer 4.0, the port is 8443.

    The Remote CMS login page appears.

  4. Enter the Remote CMS login username and password.

  5. Click LOGIN.

    The Remote CMS dashboard appears.

  6. Click the Devices widget, SEGMENT CONTROLLER tab. Click the Expand button ). 

    You will see all of the SmartServers that are connected to the Remote CMS.

Once you have completed the steps in Remote CMS Getting Started, continue with SmartServer Getting Started. See Updating the Remote CMS for an overview of the basic operations and maintenance routines, as well information about how to update the Remote CMS.