Step 3 - (Optional) Add Network or I/O Interfaces for SmartServer Pi

SmartServer Pi is available with SmartServer 4.2 and higher.

You can use the SmartServer Pi to integrate and manage BACnet, EnOcean, LON, LoRaWAN, and Modbus devices.

The BACnet, LON, and Modbus protocols all support multiple communications media. All three support communication over Ethernet, and the SmartServer includes built-in support for communicating with BACnet, LON, and Modbus devices using an Ethernet interface. The BACnet and Modbus protocols also support communication using a USB to RS-485 bidirectional converter.

LON is supported for SmartServer Pi 4.3 and higher, with the exception of LON PL. The LON protocol supports communication using built-in LAN, free topology (FT) twisted-pair cable, and high-speed twisted-pair (TP-1250) cable.

The EnOcean and LoRaWAN protocols are wireless protocols where the SmartServer Pi communicates with the edge devices using an EnOcean USB dongle and/or a LoRaWAN gateway. 

Refer to the following sections to add network interfaces:

The following table summarizes the built-in and available network interfaces for the SmartServer Pi.  You can also create your own custom drivers for the SmartServer Pi to support other protocols and communications media.

BACnet FTFree Topology (FT) twisted pair cableU60 FT USB Network Interface Expansion Module
BACnet/IPBuilt-in LANBuilt-in LAN
BACnet MS/TPRS-485 bus topology twisted pair cableExternal third-party BACnet/IP to BACnet MS/TP router, combined with one of the built-in LAN

USB 300, 300U, 400J, and 500U EnOcean network interfaces

EnOcean IoT Connector (IoTC) (supported with SmartServer 4.3 and higher)

LON FTFree Topology (FT) twisted pair cableU60 FT USB Network Interface Expansion Module
LON IP-70Built-in LANBuilt-in LAN
LON IP-852Built-in LANBuilt-in LAN 
LON TP-1250TP-1250 bus topology twisted pair cable

U60 TP-1250 USB Network Interface Expansion Module

LoRaWANWirelessCompatible LoRaWAN gateway
Modbus RTU

Industrial USB to RS-485 bidirectional converter (e.g.,

USB to RS-485 interface

Modbus TCPBuilt-in LANBuilt-in LAN