(Optional) Add an EnOcean Interface

Remote EnOcean interface is supported with SmartServer 4.3 and higher. 
Local EnOcean interface is supported with SmartServer 4.0 and higher.

EnOcean devices are also supported in remote mode with SmartServer 4.3 and higher. For remote mode, the EnOcean driver supports EnOcean IoT Connector (IoTC) as an EnOcean network interface. Remote mode uses a remote connection to IoTC, and supports a local EnOcean radio with a web security service (WSS) tunnel to IoTC. Remote mode works with or without a local EnOcean radio.

EnOcean devices are supported in local mode with SmartServer 4.0 and higher. For local mode, the EnOcean driver supports the EnOcean USB 300 (868MHz for Europe), USB 500U (902MHz for North America), and USB 500J (928 MHz for Japan) network interfacesLocal mode uses the local EnOcean radio and does not require any remote interfaces.

This following sections describe how to add an EnOcean interface in local or remote mode: