Configuring the SmartServer Pi IP Address

This section describes how to configure the SmartServer Pi LAN (eth0) interface settings and set a static IP address using the Configuration page Networking tab. The SmartServer Pi Networking Configuration page displays transmitting and receiving data information, provides the ability to set up the network interfaces, and provides access to network logs as shown below.

To configure the SmartServer Pi LAN interface, and to set a static IP address using the SmartServer Pi Configuration page Networking tab, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the SmartServer Pi Configuration page as described in Accessing the SmartServer Pi Configuration Page.

  2. Click the Networking tab.

  3. Click eth0.

    The eth0 settings appear.

  4. Click IPv4 edit.

    The following dialog box appears:

  5. Choose between Automatic (DHCP) and Manual depending on your environment. Use Manual to set a static TCP/IP address. You can override the automatic settings and define custom routes as needed. 

    For example, for Manual mode, set your IP address as well as the DNS Server, as shown below.

  6. Click Save.

    The networking mode changes are saved.