U60 LON FT and TP-1250 USB Network Interface Modules

The U60 DIN Network Interface is a compact network interface for LON/IP and LON twisted pair communications. Two models are available: one for FT (ISO/IEC 14908-2 TP/FT-10) channels and one for TP-1250 (TP/XF-1250) channels. The U60 provides a USB interface for attaching to a host computer, controller, or router, or for attaching to an EnOcean SmartServer IoT. The U60 DIN Network Interface is packaged in a DIN 43880 2TE compliant enclosure.

You can use multiple U60 DIN Network Interfaces with hosts such as the SmartServer IoT that support multiple channels. When you attach multiple network interfaces to a host, each U60 provides an interface to a single twisted-pair channel. You can add up to four U60 FT interfaces and one U60 TP-1250 interface to a SmartServer IoT to support routing of up to five twisted-pair LON channels. To attach more than four USB interfaces to a SmartServer, add a powered USB hub to support additional USB interfaces.

Installation consideration

When using multiple U60s make sure the SmartServer is powered first before plugging in all but the first U60, and plug in each additional U60 one at a time. You only have to do this once during the initial U60 installation.

You cannot install more than a total of five network interfaces (U60 or U70) and IOX modules in a single SmartServer. If you have five total, or if you have four and require a spare USB port, use a powered USB 3.0 compliant hub and plug all the U60 and U70 network interfaces into the hub. Always plug any IOX modules directly into the SmartServer and do not plug them into a hub.

If you are using an IOX I/O Expansion Module, always plug the IOX into a USB port on the SmartServer and do not plug it into a USB hub.

The U60 has two protocol modes of operation—Layer 2 mode and Layer 5 mode that can be selected by the host application. 

  • In Layer 2 mode, the U60 implements Layers 1 and 2 of the ISO/IEC 14908-1 and 14908-2 protocol and is compatible with the LON/IP stack included with the IzoT SDK. The LON/IP stack provides source code for LON/IP and classic LON compatible protocol stacks. 
  • In Layer 5 mode, the U60 implements Layers 1 through 5 of the ISO/IEC 14908-1 and 14908-2 protocol and is compatible with EnOcean's previous generation Microprocessor Interface Program (MIP) products.

A Service LED indicates the network status of the U60, with Rx and Tx LEDs providing an indication of packet reception and transmission.

The U60 DIN is powered through its USB interface.

The following table lists the U60 DIN models and descriptions.

Model #           

Product Name                                          

Product Description                                   


U60 TP-1250 DIN Network Interface Module

USB interface to LON/IP TP-1250 and LON TP-1250 1.25Mbps twisted pair networks


U60 FT DIN Network Interface Module

USB interface to LON/IP FT and LON FT free topology twisted pair networks

This section describes the U60 DIN hardware and contains the following topics: