Specifying IML Device Options

You can specify attributes of your device interface using the IML option class. For example, you can use the programId() option to specify the program ID for your application, or you can use the addresses and aliases options to override the automatically calculated number of network addresses and connection aliases, respectively. Most options are optional, but you must always specify the program ID.

Options use the same format as all other directives supported by IML, but unlike implementations of blocks or other interface items, option directives do not require the declaration of global C variables. You can generally repeat options, and the most recently assigned value has effect.


The following example specifies four options: programId, strict, addresses, and aliases.

#include "IzoTDev.h"         
//@IzoT option new programId("9F:FF:FF:00:01:02:04:00")
//@IzoT option strict(True)
//@IzoT option addresses(23), aliases(17)       

See IML Syntax Summary for a complete list of options and their defaults.