Program ID

A program ID is a unique identifier for a device type, where a device type is defined by the hardware platform and application software loaded on the device. Network management tools use the program ID of a device to associate a device with a network interface definition for the device. The program ID is a 64-bit identifier that is typically represented as a series of 16 hexadecimal ASCII-encoded digits using the following format:


The following table defines the fields of the program ID:      


Hex Encoding

Format Identifier


8 for devices certified by LonMark International; 9 for all other devices.
Device Manufacturer ID


A 24-bit unique identifier for the device manufacturer. If you or your company does not already have a LonMark manufacturer ID, you can request a free manufacturer ID by following the Temporary MID Request Form link at You can use F:FF:FF for example software and unreleased prototypes.
Device Class


A 16-bit value that describe the class and primary function of the device. You can view a list of standard class IDs at


An 8-bit value that describes the device's usage within it class. The value may be a subclass of the device class, or the value may be specified by the profile for the device.
Channel Type


An 8-bit value that specifies the type of channel that the device is compatible with. For devices compatible with the LonTalk/IP-LAN (IP-70) channels use 85 (133 decimal); for devices compatible with LON TP/FT-10 (FT) channels use 04. Many of the IzoT SDK examples use 00 for the channel type—these were created before the IP-70 channel type ID was assigned.
Model Number


An 8-bit value that is assigned by the device application developer and can be any value that is unique for this device's combination of manufacturer, class, usage and channel-type fields. The value does not have to match the model number assigned by the device manufacturer to the device.