Using this Documentation (Release 4.1 and Prior)

For SmartServer 4.2 or higher, see Using this Documentation.

This section describes how to access the SmartServer documentation and consists of the following:

Accessing Documentation from a Web Browser

To access the SmartServer documentation from your web browser, enter the URL

Accessing Documentation from the Configuration Page

To access the SmartServer documentation from the SmartServer Configuration page, click the Help tab.

Accessing Documentation from the CMS

To access the SmartServer documentation from the CMS, click the Help button () located on the SmartServer app bar.

Navigating the EnOcean Documentation Portal

When you access the SmartServer documentation from a web browser, the SmartServer Configuration page, or the CMS, the EnOcean Documentation Portal appears.

Documentation Main Parts

The main parts of the SmartServer documentation are described below.

  • The SmartServer IoT Getting Started section provides information on how to install the SmartServer hardware, connect to your SmartServer, and how to set up your SmartServer. Optional getting started routines that are also described include migrating from i.LON servers to the SmartServer IoT and developing and adding custom applications.

  • The SmartServer User's Guide provides information on site planning, site provisioning, site integration, site operation, site maintenance, and site diagnostics.

  • The SmartServer IoT Hardware Guide section describes the SmartServer IoT hardware and network interface modules.

  • The SmartServer IoT Starter Kit is used to demonstrate a multi-protocol network for SmartServer IoT learning and training purposes.The SmartServer IoT Starter Kit User's Guide section provides an overview of the Starter Kit, its components, and how to setup the kit and integrate the components with the SmartServer IoT. 

  • The SmartServer Developer's Guide section provides information to help you get started with custom applications (apps), drivers, and web pages for the SmartServer with reference example apps, example drivers, example web pages, and the SmartServer Driver Framework. 

  • The IoT Access Protocol (IAP) is an open and extensible protocol designed for the loT to provision and manage IoT devices, to access and update data from the devices, and to leverage the power of big data and AI with IoT-friendly interfaces to cloud services. The IoT Access Protocol (IAP) API Reference section is a reference for software developers and web-page authors. It documents two APIs:  IAP/MQ, which uses MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) as the transport protocol, and IAP/REST, which uses REST over HTTP or HTTPS. 

  • The SmartServer IoT Starter Kit User's Guide section describes how to set up the Starter Kit and configure the BACnet, LON, and Modbus RTU devices.

  • The SmartServer IoT Node-RED Tutorial comprises four classes that will help you get started using the Sequencing widget. The Sequencing widget allows SmartServer IoT CMS users to create 'sequence of operations' (also known as flows) to automate everyday processes and create instrument panels and dashboards for visualization. The Sequencing widget leverages Node-RED, an open-source, flow-based, programming tool. Node-RED provides the ability to create flows using function blocks called 'nodes' and a web-based user interface for connecting the nodes, eliminating the need to write code. A ready-to-use library of nodes allows you to quickly start creating sequences or flows that contain custom logic and/or display information on a web pages with UI elements for creating dashboards and visualization.