IOX I/O Expansion Module

IOX is a compact, programmable companion module to EnOcean's SmartServer™ IoT for connecting to industrial devices. It enables SmartServer IoT users to collect, log, and visualize IoT data from everyday sensors and meters, communicate with devices over serial interfaces, and control relays and actuators.

IOX features multiple configurable digital I/Os and serial interfaces for controlling or communicating with devices such as digital sensors, dry contact relays, push buttons, etc. It also features optional power measurement for accurate energy metering.

If you are using an IOX I/O Expansion Module, always plug the IOX into a USB port on the SmartServer and do not plug it into a USB hub.

The following table lists the IOX models and descriptions.

Model #           

Product Name                                          

Product Description                                   


IOX I/O Expansion Module

Configurable I/O module for use with the SmartServer IoT


IOX I/O Expansion Module with Metering

Configurable I/O module for use with the SmartServer IoT, includes metering input

This section describes the IOX hardware and provides hardware setup instructions and contains the following topics:

See also (Optional) Configuring Local I/O Using the IOX for more information about configuring the IOX.