Starter Kit Overview

The SmartServer IoT Starter Kit is packaged in a pre-assembled panel packaged in a traveling case with custom foam interior and includes a SmartServer IoT, U60 (FT network interface), and commonly used prewired devices. It is used to demonstrate a multi-protocol network for SmartServer IoT learning and training purposes. The SmartServer Starter Kit may be running an older system image. 

These instructions are compatible with firmware version 3.20 and higher. Update your SmartServer IoT to release 3.20 or higher before you continue. See Updating the SmartServer using the SmartServer CMS with an Internet Connection for more information. If you chose to re-image your SmartServer IoT, the folder /var/apollo/apps/data/adam-setup should be saved and restored after the re-image. The update is the simple path to follow.

This section consists of the following:


The devices comprising the Starter Kit (shown in the figure below) include the following:

  • SmartServer IoT Pro Ex

  • U60 FT (network interface)

  • EnOcean FT 6050 EVB device (programmable LON evaluation device) MS-01 (or VAV sim with Node-RED tutorial exercises) device in the CMS
  • Smart Controls SC 100-MP (LON device, programmed with simple digital sensors and actuator functional blocks) DIO-01 device in the CMS
  • Viconics VT7200F5031B Thermostat (BACnet MSTP device, 19200 address 8) Tstat-01 device in the CMS
  • Advantech ADAM-4150 Digital I/O (DIO) Module (Modbus RTU device, 19200 8-n-1, address 01:1) DIO device in the CMS
  • Contemporary Controls BASRT-B, MSTP BACnet Router (connects to the eth0 port of the SmartServer IoT, 

  • TP-Link 5 port Ethernet switch (located on the back panel)

Interface and Configuration Files

The device interface and SmartServer IoT configuration files that are needed to setup the Starter Kit, as well as device documentation, are stored in the Starter Kit archive, which is available from the SmartServer GitHub Repository.

The root Starter Kit archive is organized into folders by field bus communications protocol as follows:

  • BACnet Channel
    • CCS
    • Viconics
  • LON Channel
    • EVB Multisensor
    • Images
    • Smart Controls SC100-MP
    • Types - Apollo_dev
    • VAV Simulation
  • Modbus RTU Channel
  • Node-RED Tutorial

These folders include files that are used when creating Starter Kit devices in the SmartServer IoT. In these folders, you will also find user guide PDFs for the products included with the Starter Kit.


The instructions in this guide provide the necessary steps to enable you to work with the devices in the Starter Kit. Before getting starting, you should have the following software installed on your PC:

In addition, if your laptop does not include RJ-45 Ethernet, you will need a USB/Ethernet adapter, which can be acquired from a computer accessories retailer. 


SmartServer IoTs that are shipped from the factory are configured with the username apollo and a password that is marked on the back label. This important information is also labeled on the left side of the SmartServer as shown in this picture.

Use the apollo username and password for the SmartServer IoT configuration UI, CMS, and SSH console access.