Setting up the Hardware

This section consists of the following:

Accessory Parts

The SmartServer IoT Starter Kit is shipped with the following accessories:

  • (2) aluminum feet
  • (2) ¼”x 20 TPI thumb screws
  • (3) power sources
  • (1) power cord
  • (1) 3-outlet power strip
  • (1) USB-A to Micro USB-B cable (console cable)
  • (1) CAT-6 Ethernet drop


To setup the Starter Kit hardware, perform the following steps:

  1. Gently remove the Starter Kit from the carrying case. 

  2. Open the accessory box that is found in the carrying case under the Starter Kit. 

  3. Attach the aluminum feet using the provided ¼”x 20 TPI knob screws to the bottom of the Starter Kit panel as shown in the figure below. Newer versions use a 1/4-20 flange wing nut instead of threading inserts.  

Power Sources

Included with the SmartServer IoT Starter Kit are three necessary power sources as follows:

  • 12 VDC universal input power supply (powers the SmartServer, EnOcean FT 6050 EVB device, and Advantech ADAM-4150)
  • 24 VAC (120 VAC Input or 240 VAC Input) power supply (powers the Smart Controls SC 100-MP, Viconics thermostat, and BASRT BACnet MSTP router)
  • 5 VDC universal power supply (powers the Ethernet switch, which is mounted on the back of the panel)

The 3-outlet power strip that is provided with the Starter Kit can operate up to 240 VAC.

Warning: The Starter Kit includes two 24 VAC transformers that are clearly marked with the supporting input power voltage.  If you use the 120 VAC input supply on a 240 VAC power, you will damage the components powered by this supply. 

The photos below show how the power for the devices in the Starter Kit are connected. The 5 VDC power supply connects to the Ethernet switch, which is mounted on the back panel.