USB 300, 300U, 400J, and 500U EnOcean Network Interfaces

Starting with SmartServer 4.0, you can interface the SmartServer with EnOcean devices by attaching an EnOcean USB network interface to the SmartServer to connect the SmartServer to the world of EnOcean based wireless products.  The SmartServer supports the following EnOcean USB Network Interfaces:

  • USB 300 – (Europe)

  • USB 300U / 500U – (North America) 

  • USB 400J – (Japan) 

More information about these products can be found at

You can use the DolphinView tool to monitor all EnOcean radio traffic. EnOcean devices within 10 – 30m of the SmartServer with a local EnOcean radio. 

You can plug an EnOcean USB network interface directly into one of the SmartServer USB-A ports, or you can plug the EnOcean USB network interface into a USB extension cable and then plug the USB extension cable into one of the SmartServer USB-A ports. The SmartServer will automatically discover and configure the network interface. You can then discover and provision multiple EnOcean devices from the SmartServer.

See Add an EnOcean Interface for more information.