U70 Firmware Release Notes


The U70 firmware is subject to the terms and conditions described in the license available at Embedded Software License Agreement.

U70 Firmware 2.0

Release Date: July 28, 2023


  • U70 Firmware: 2.0

  • SmartServer: 3.2 Update 2 with Update 2A, 3.6 Update 5, and 4.1 (Beta) and newer



  • In some cases, the U70 firmware stopped operating and required a power-cycle of the U70 to restart. This problem has been fixed. The U70 firmware now automatically restarts within 10 minutes of a failure. The fix requires changes both in the SmartServer software and the U70 firmware. See the next section for details.


  • U70 Firmware 2.0 requires an update to the SmartServer software implemented in SmaratServer 3.2 Update 2 with Update 2A, SmartServer 3.6 Update 5, SmartServer 4.1 (Beta), and later releases. If you use U70 Firmware 2.0 with an earlier release of the SmartServer software, the U70 will reset once every 10 minutes.