Setting Filters on the Connections Widget


You can apply filters to refine the contents on both the CONNECTION TEMPLATES and DEPLOYED CONNECTIONS tabs on the Connections widget, as well as the Add Datapoints to Connection Template view. Setting filters is supported through the Connections widget in both the locked and unlocked state. 

To set filters, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the SmartServer CMS.

  2. Open the Connections widget.

  3. Click the Set Filters button () located on the Connections widget or on the Add Datapoints to Connection Template view that is available from the CONNECTION TEMPLATES tab. 

    The Set Filters view appears.

  4. Click the Add Filters button (). Available filters and settings appear on the pulldown menus.

  5. Use the filter pulldown on the left to select the type of filter you want to apply, and set the Filter Value field from the available selections on the right.

  6. Use the Add Filters button () to add any additional filters.

    Or, use the Remove All Filters button () to reset the filter settings.

  7. Click APPLY FILTERS when you have finished setting filters.

    The display appears with the filter settings that you have defined.

    The example below shows filters set to display only the BI 1 Status datapoint on the CONNECTION TEMPLATES tab. From this view, you can click the Remove All Filters button () to remove all filters that have been set, or click the Remove Filter button () to remove a specific filter.