Configure Warning Limits

The ability to set warning limits is available with SmartServer 3.5 and higher.

To help ensure optimal system performance, you can set event per second (EPS) and annual log size limits so that warning / error messages will be displayed when datapoints exceed a specified number. You can also configure whether or not the EPS and/or annual log size notifications are displayed.

To set warning limits, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings widget.

  2. Click Warning Limits Settings.

    The Warning Limits Settings view appears.

    Local CMS

    Remote CMS

  3. Set the Warning and Error fields, and the Show notification switches as appropriate for your system.

    For local CMS, default values should not be changed.

    For remote CMS, warning limits are set per-SmartServer EPS. If per-SmartServer limits are exceeded for some segment controllers, then badges will appear in the Devices widget → SEGMENT CONTROLLERS tab → EPS column.

    An example warning notification is shown below.