Monitoring System Audit Events

Prior to SMartServer 3.5, the alarms and events widget was called alarms.

With SmartServer 3.5 and higher, you can review system audit events, such as user login / logoff activity, from the SmartServer CMS Alarms and Events widget. With SmartServer 3.5 Update 2 and higher, you can also see the associated IP address for the user.

Examples of events that are traceable and logged in the Alarms and Events widget are described below. Audit information is available in the Type and Details columns (scroll to the right as needed).

A successful login event includes the login user and their source IP address.

A successful logoff event includes the login user and their source IP address. 

unsuccessful logon attempt includes the attempted login user and source IP address.

clear alarms event includes the user who cleared the alarms.

 device type, create device, and delete device events include the user and the device or device type that was created or deleted.

Create device type

Create device

Delete device

events include the type of backup being performed, the SmartServer install code, and when the backup started and completed.