Customize the CMS Widgets using Filters

For a list of the SmartServer widgets with links to the tasks you can perform using the widgets, see SmartServer CMS Widgets Index.

You can customize the information displayed by many of the CMS widgets. For widgets that display lists of resources such as device types, devices, datapoints, and datapoint properties, you can customize the list that is displayed with one or more search specifications that filter the contents of the lists to more rapidly find a particular entry in the list.

Widgets that include a search filter have a Set Filters button () at the top of the widget.

This section demonstrates the Datapoints widget Set Filter feature as an example. The Datapoints widget is available with SmartServer 2.5 and higher. Prior to SmartServer 3.4, this widget was called Datapoint Browser. 

To set filters, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the SmartServer CMS.

  2. Open the Datapoints widget. Click the Expand button ().

  3. Click the Set Filters button ().

    The Set Filters view appears.

  4. Use the dropdown menus to define the search criteria. You can click the Add button ( ) to further refine the search parameters. Refer to the table below for available filter settings.

    Alarm State
    • Active
    • Inactive
    BlockSystem specific
    Block IndexSystem specific
    Block XIF NameSystem specific
    • Edge Device
    • Segment Controller
    ContextSystem specific
    Context Area
    • Building
    • Campus
    • Campus Area
    • Floor
    • Floor Area
    • Room
    DatapointSystem specific
    Datapoint TypeSystem specific
    Datapoint XIF NameSystem specific
    DeviceSystem specific
    Device Status
    • Deprovisioned – devices that are not provisioned
    • Down – provisioned devices that are not communicating
    • Marginal – devices with marginal health status indicating that a failure was reported by the device, typically during provisioning (i.e., the device could be reached but it would not provision due to an error unrelated to communication). For drivers that implement marginal state, this device status is available with SmartServer 3.2.
    • Normal – devices that are provisioned with normal health status
    • Provisioned – devices that are provisioned (all health status types)
    • Provisioning – devices that are being provisioned
    • Suspect – provisioned devices that are not communicating
    Device TypeSystem specific
    DriverSystem specific
    Firmware VersionSystem specific
    GroupSystem specific
    Override State
    • Not Overridden
    • Overridden
    • 1 (Highest), 2, 3,... 16 (Lowest)
    • Normal
    ProfileSystem specific
    Program IDSystem specific
    Segment ControllerSystem specific
    • Live – displays real-time data for a datapoint
    • Log – displays data logs for datapoints (logging must be enabled using the Datapoint Properties widget in order to view logs)
    TagSystem specific
    Unique IDSystem specific
    XIF NameSystem specific

    Refer to the table below for specific features and functions.


    Add button ( )

    Add multiple filters to further refine your search

    Remove Filter button ()

    Button next to the specific filter setting to individually remove the filter

    Remove All Filters button (

    Button to clear all filter settings
    NotFind items that do not match the search criteria
    ExactFind items that are an exact match
    (.*)Specify custom filters

    The example below shows the following filter settings:

    • Source: Live
    • Device Status: Provisioned
    • Device: Tstat-01 
    • Datapoint XIF Name: AV:39

  5. Click Apply Filters.

    The results below show the Datapoints widget prior to and after set filters.

    Datapoints widget prior to setting filters (example)

    Datapoints widget after setting filters (example)