IzoT Device Stack EX

The IzoT Device Stack EX enables developers to build networks of communicating devices, as part of the Industrial Internet of Things, using a 32-bit or 64-bit processor and operating system as the processing engine for connected devices. With the IzoT Device Stack EX, your devices can exchange data with each other on an easy-to-use, publish-subscribe data model over IP. Your IzoT devices can collect data from physical sensors built to monitor things including temperature, humidity, light-level, power-consumption, or moisture, and make the data available to other IzoT devices within the community. Using data received from other IzoT devices or local sensors, your IzoT devices can also control physical actuators such as LED dimmers, motor controllers, damper controllers, and solenoids. And, with the IzoT Server, you can build Web pages on which to monitor and control all of your IzoT devices simultaneously.

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