U60 Specifications

This section consists of the following:

Mechanical Dimensions

The U60 DIN 43880 2TE enclosure is 35mm (1.38“) wide, 89.5mm (3.52“) high and 66.5mm (2.62“) deep excluding the network connectors.

Visual Indicators

Three LEDs are located in the centre of the enclosure. The yellow Service LED on the left (labeled Link or Service), provides a visual indication of the network status of the U60. The RX LED in the middle flashes green when data is received from the network. The TX LED on the right flashes green when data is transmitted onto the network.  

The Service status is also provided to the host via the USB interface so that the host can provide a network Service indicator if required.


The U60 FT DIN has a two-way network connector with push clips to retain the network cabling. The network connection is polarity insensitive. 

The U60 RS-485 DIN has a three-way network connector, also with push clips to retain the network cabling. The three positions of the connector are used for the following: + (Signal + or B), - (Signal - or A), and SC (Signal Common). When used in unbiased LonWorks RS-485 networks, the network connection is polarity insensitive.

Both the U60 FT DIN and U60 RS-485 DIN also have Micro B female USB connectors for connection to a host processor and come supplied with a suitable USB Type A to Micro-B cable.


The U60 DIN is compatible with the IzoT Router, Windows computers with OpenLDV 5, with hosts communicating with a Layer 5 MIP interface, and with hosts communicating with a Layer 2 MIP interface including hosts implementing the IzoT Device Stack EX.

More Information and Technical Support

The EnOcean documentation can be useful when using the U60 DIN Network Interface products:

  • OpenLDV™ Programmer's Guide – describes EnOcean's OpenLDV Network Driver and Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • Junction Box and Wiring Guideline for Twisted Pair LonWorks® Networks – identifies the different types of cabling and junction boxes that may be used in twisted pair IzoT and LON networks
  • IzoT Manual – describes how to use the IzoT SDK, a software development kit for the IzoT Platform. It also describes how to use the IzoT Router, a ready-to-run appliance for connecting IzoT and LON devices on an Ethernet channel with IzoT and LON devices on an FT or RS-485 channel, and for connecting Web pages and enterprise applications to IzoT and LON devices.

If you have technical questions that are not answered by the documentation, you can contact EnOcean technical support at edge.support@enocean.com